VT-0.7 D

Short rest in the sun: My old Kadett with the VD 0.7 – waiting for the next start…

At the moment, this four stroke diesel engine is the smallest machine in my programm: With a size of 0,7ccm or .42 cu inch you have to be cautious that you don´t accidentally soak it up with a vacuum cleaner while purging your hobby room! Nevertheless, the VT-0.7 D has much more power than it seems to have at first view: My old little Graupner-Kadett, is very satisfied with this mini engine.
If you don’t want to break any flying records with my little diesel, you have to be careful for the quantity of fuel you fill up: 40 ml are enough for a 1 hour-flight!

Size: 0,7 ccm or 4,2 cu inch Bore: 10,00 mm Stroke: 9,00 mm
Fuel consumption: 10ml / 15 min.
Output: 9500 rpm with 7“ x 5” prop.
Compression-adjustment by eccentric beared crankshaft.
Price: 420,00 € ( of course not including my old Kadett! )

VT 0,7 D in aktion